Ziba is a visionary when it comes to creating an understanding of union in community and individuals.


Satsang and Sangha

Having begun her sadhana in a rural english village, where she learned the value of chosen family, acceptance, PERSEVERANCE and that students would trek over several feet of snow to come to yoga classes. She has run yoga studios, opened her homes and taught meditation & yoga in pop up shops on high streets as well as sharing yoga with women in refuge shelters. Through all of this, she discovered the importance of localised and globalised community. Ziba brings the yoga world to life from her home in India and experience in the world. Fun, informative and full of kinship, she speaks from the heart and from the ground.


The Entanglement of Indian Philosophies and their relationship to Yoga


Talk - Followed by Q&A



The ‘What’ of Vedanta 

The ‘Why’ of Sankhya

The ‘Who’ of Hinduism

And the ‘How’ of Yoga

If Vedanta, Sankhya and Hinduism are three intertwined geometric circles, then yoga is the centre point of the triangle of which they form.  It is the science, the how-to.

Points of Learning 

  • What are these ancient teachings telling us and how are they entangled with each other

  • How is yoga seen through the spiritual lens of India.

  • How can we align ourselves to these original teachings to understand how they are perceived from the perspective of realisation. 

  • Who were the great Saints of these teachings and how do their teachings still hold wisdom today.

  • How do we bring them into a western teaching dynamic


Darshan, Dharma, Delight


Talk, Study, Movement, Concentration, Meditation & Journaling



The path of guidance and the art of listening have been the relationship between guru and disciple since the beginning of the teachings of the vedas.

Students would spend up to 12 years studying before going off on their own for Sadhana.

Within the noise of Western life, can we truly listen to our deepest heart’s intention? And find that connection once more to a deeper wisdom?

Points of Learning

  • The surrender of Dharshan

  • Listening to Dharma

  • The different meanings of Dharma throughout Samkhya, The Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

  • Contemplation and Sankalpa

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Strength of mind and conviction

  • Lotus feet of the Guru



Life Circles Life Cycles


4 short Movement Classes. Meditation, pranayama, consciousness breathing, philosophy, talk and intention setting.



Creating a yoga practice that is based on intimacy and relationship with your self at all times of life.

Referencing the three Gunas: Tamas, Rajas a Sattva, we notice the fluctuating states and we bring them into our awareness.  

Yoga as a practice of observation within ever changing landscapes, like the seasons.

Yoga is a path to single pointed stillness from the realism of life.

Points of Learning

  • Creating relationship and true knowing of the fluctuating states of mind

  • Creating intimacy and awareness of energy levels and outside influences

  • Recognising and acknowledging your time and space in life at this moment and how that is entangled with spiritual growth

  • Creating habits that shift and change without compromising connection.


Sacred Space 


Talk, Mantra & Practical application



Together we will remember the origins and practices still held today by yogis for creating Sacred and Holy spaces.

We will together create a sacred space and observe the elements involved as well as the benefits.

You will take away the elements to create a space in your, home, office, community or den.

Points of Learning

  • The eastern origins of Sacred Space and the physics contained within it.

  • How the un-manifest is made manifest in these spaces.

  • Spaces to commune, congregate, and contemplate. 

  • Making space within our homes, work space and more. 

  • A place to take time away each day.

  • A space that we contribute to and receive from. 

  • Experiencing the space together


Move to Meditate - the practice of moving for stillness


Physical Movement Practice, Kriya, Pranayama & Meditation

(2.5 hrs)


Asana takes on the essence of meditation when it becomes an outward offering and inward journey. 

Teaching students and teachers softness in a world of hard edges. Learning how beginning where you are today and how your feeling and moving with that rather than forcing a regular practice because one should. What would your experience be if you practiced what you needed instead of what you thought?

The final moments of meditation are surrender, surrender in movement to surrender in still ness.

Points of learning

  • Softness

  • Surrender

  • Compassion / dispassion

  • Devotion

  • Inner and outer observation

  • Breath and breathing in movement

  • Connection to body

  • Connection to earth


Brave Human - the pioneering attitude of the yogi


CHAT, Kriyas, pranayama, music, strong (SIMPLE) ASANA, CONCENTRATION & meditation



What is is to be brave for you? What is spiritual bravery? Who or what do we turn to when life gets really tough and we want to ‘throw in the towel’?

In the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna is told specifically that he cannot avoid his Sva-dharma or the war for righteousness inside of himself.

We will all at one time or another feel challenged. What will we do? And how can we take those lessons and use them as a benefit to others?

Samkhya and philosophy of the power of ‘mind’.

What must we let go of and what must we surrender in order to connect with the bravery that lies beyond our conditioning and inner tactics?

Points of Learning

  • How to create strength of mind through physical practice

  • How to find stillness is discomfort

  • How to respond rather than react

  • How trust is built

  • How grace works

  • How to surrender and connect

  • How to demonstrate love whilst standing firm in wisdom


So you want to have a Yoga Studio?


Talk Followed by Q&A


A practical and candid look at how to open, run, and keep your head whilst being a yogi with a yoga studio.

How to include the teaching of yoga in a world of customer service, capitalism, branding, social media, plagiarism and lets face it - yoga wars!

Can you keep the detachment to move on or sell it?

Can you keep your head whilst following your heart?

Can you be truthful, non avoidant and honest?

Will it be worth it?

Points of Learning

Far too many to mention.

You will learn the technicalities and legalities, the pitfalls and the wonderfulness of working with teachers, branching out, networking, making connections, disconnecting, building a genuine hierarchy of learning and variable classes that cater to all spiritual aspirants not just those who enjoy asana.

You will learn just how easy it can be and how to let it go.