“Ziba is such a loving and caring soul and I felt so connected to her and her teachings, even over the internet. I have gained so much and developed a deeper daily practice, which is moving into a ritual rather than routine.

With Ziba's knowledge I can enquire and discuss many topics and thoughts, from Chakras to conscousness which brings my own thoughts into a clearer space.

It's been so lovely and wonderful having a weekly time with Ziba.”


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“Some of the things I love about Ziba are: the way she explains yoga and what it means, far beyond what you actually do on your mat, really resonates with me. She talks about spirituality in a way that feels practical and accessible.

You feel in such capable hands when you do a class with Ziba or just have a conversation with her about yoga. There is a depth of knowledge and passion that inspires you to learn more yourself and live a life with more yoga in it! I could not recommend her more highly.”


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“Ziba’s teaching totally reflects her personal connection with something other than the individual. Her sincerity, passion and joy for yoga as a method of inner-realisation is infectious. I’ve been on a lot of retreats and for me, none of them quite got the balance of joy and the reasoning behind ‘seeking’. Either too worldly, or too austere. Ziba perfectly bridges these aspects. Her knowledge is deep and her zest for communicating complex concepts, simply, is refreshing. She really gets it! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a broader, more spiritually attuned practice.”

- Richard

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As the weeks went by the feel of the space seemed to continually evolve alongside everyone within it creating a protective safe haven enabling us all to completely let go allowing for a sort of spiritual nourishing and empowerment of deeper intimacy.

- Barry ( Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher, Reiki Master)

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“The new experiences you’ve brought into my life have been so enriching- I can’t thank you enough for opening the way to other aspects of yoga and helping me to change stuff in my life that wasn’t working for me.”


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“You are a gifted teacher—being able to balance ‘hard and soft’ elements within a class and you have the ability to energize students (even though it was a challenging sequence and they were tired, everyone still participated and enjoyed it).  It is not always easy to do this—but it’s wonderful that even though you expend a lot of energy physically in the class, you come out feeling more energised.”


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