Meditation : 5 Key Elements

Meditation : 5 Key Elements

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In these sessions we will work on what I see as the 5 key elements of a regular and integrated meditation practice.

  • Trust - learning to trust yourself in your alone time and in what it reveals

  • Sincerity - learning to stay intimate and attuned to where you are at

  • Exploration - learning to move and explore within your meditations at a comfortable pace - with a pioneering attitude

  • Attention - learning to focus and harness attention for longer periods of time

  • Delight - allowing delight, contentment and happiness - your true nature

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60 minute online session with Ziba

Connect via WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Zoom

An appointment form will be presented when you click ‘purchase’. Session scheduled between 6am and 6pm GMT.

If for any reason the session is cut-off due to internet connectivity Ziba will endeavour to reconnect or re-schedule.