Life Circles : Life Cycles

Life Circles : Life Cycles

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In these sessions we look both eternally and internally to use your practice as a navigation within and of the world. Exceptional circumstances happen in life, life fatigue can occur. When we have a practice already in place that works as a reconnection to ourselves, we are able to draw deep into those foundations and tried and tested practices, to establish the lessons and evolutions that need to take place in order to navigate new and unimaginable situations.

In these sessions we will work together to find a practice that garners your ability to not only flow with life but to recognise the changing forms of life.

  • Aligning to inner natural cycles

  • Harmonising with fluctuations of the external world

  • Allowing change from exceptional events

  • The serenity of surrender

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60 minute online session with Ziba

Connect via WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Zoom

An appointment form will be presented when you click ‘purchase’. Session scheduled between 6am and 6pm GMT.

If for any reason the session is cut-off due to internet connectivity Ziba will endeavour to reconnect or re-schedule.