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Compassionate Awareness : Self Supervision Course for Yoga Teachers

Short Course £10

Cultivating Compassionate Awareness

This workbook will enrich your teaching practice with regular, structured, self examination processes. Formulated with therapists, the questions for you to answer in the course, will help focus you to understand subconscious patterns and mental barriers you create that inhibit your performance as a teacher. Designed to activate your awareness of situations and enhance your response to them through compassionate awareness.


As yoga teachers - how do we improve if we are not coached past our teaching certification? If we are not mentored or have a regular teacher to guide us and give sign posts? How do we discover where past habits, labels and conditioning have filtered through into our teaching dressed in spirituality, but still very much there; little filters over our vision of ourselves that create impairments to a true, deeper, braver, sight. 

In psychology a councillor or therapist will have Supervision at least once a month to ensure that they can talk, be listened to and reflect.  The yoga community does not currently provide a system of reflection and learning as part of continued development.  So how do we know how to learn to take responsibility, demonstrate agency, discernment and evolve our practice with others compassionately and effectively?

As a training manager for many years I am fascinated about making the unclear, clear and the unknown, known.  And there are certain stages to development in any subject matter.  Through research, experience and validation from experts or ancient wisdoms, we begin to recognise more of what we do not really understand so that we can have more and more clear moments of reflection.  These help to find our gaps in knowledge.  From this awareness we can find the new tools and skills required, put them into practice and continue a valuable and effective cycle of learning.

In this short course download, you will receive a pdf guide with a self-supervision document that you answer from a space of openness with yourself. It can be used repeatedly until the process becomes familiar. Included are also 2 videos to help you with the process.



33 Teaching Intentions :

A collection for yoga teachers


A Collection of Intentions

33 Teaching Intentions to help your class resonate. This collection of intentions is put together to assist you get into the best possible vibration before class. We all have moments when we feel stress, or under-powered; not at our best. These intentions can be used to help centre you and give focus.