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Learn from a space of integrity and intimacy. Your pace, your practice.


Online 1:1 Sessions with Ziba

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Creating A Sacred Space

60 Mins: £30

Creating A Sacred Space

In this session I will help you locate and create your sacred space in your office, home, studio or den. A space for contemplation, meditation and restoration.

Sacred spaces have been used for thousands of years.  From temple caves, to alters and shrines, prayer rooms and monasteries.  The sacred is in and around us all of the time. Yet these spaces that we create whether in our homes or elsewhere, that we do either conscious or unconsciously can impact us positively, indifferently or negatively.

A consciously created, sacred space brings a collective vibration of wholeness, that not only affects us in positive way, it also has the ability to absorb negative emotions and feelings, meaning that you can be honest within the space and show up, just as you are.

Meditation, concentration, mantra and silence bring with them tangible qualities of a subtle nature, that you cannot see but you can feel. See my article on Sacred Space here

In these sessions I will share the history, philosophy and metaphysics of sacred space and the reasons why having a unique space for practice away from the hustle of life will allow you to see and experience the benefits for yourself. 

  • the elements used for creating a sacred space

  • the purpose of sacred space

  • the science and metaphysics of sacred space

  • the surrender within sacred space

  • the benefits of sacred space

  • the life long ritual of sacred space  



Integrity of Practice

60 Mins: £30

Integrity of Practice

In this session we begin by ascertaining how you are and create a practice which aligns itself to your state of being.

  • following your contentment

  • a natural progression of trust, bravery and compassion

  • feedback and contemplative conversations

  • intimacy of listening and intuitive learning 



Life Circles : Life Cycles

60 Mins: £30

Life Circles : Life Cycles

In this session we look both eternally and internally to use your practice as a navigation within and of the world. Exceptional circumstances happen in life, life fatigue can occur. When we have a practice already in place that works as a reconnection to ourselves, we are able to draw deep into those foundations and tried and tested practices, to establish the lessons and evolutions that need to take place in order to navigate new and unimaginable situations.

In this session we will work together to find a practice that cumulates not only your ability to flow with life but to recognise the changing forms of life.

  • Aligning to inner natural cycles

  • Harmonising with fluctuations of the external world

  • Allowing change from exceptional events

  • The serenity of surrender



Meditation: 5 Key Elements

60 Mins : £30

Meditation : 5 Key Elements

In this session we will work on the 5 key elements of a regular and integrated meditation practice.

  • Trust - in your alone time and trusting in what it reveals

  • Sincerity - learning to stay intimate and attuned

  • Exploration - learning to move and explore within your meditations at a comfortable pace with a pioneering attitude

  • Attention - learning to focus and harness attention for longer periods of time

  • Delight - allowing delight, contentment and happiness to reveal your true nature  



Online Session

60 Mins : £30

Connect with Ziba

Sessions last 60 minutes and can be connected via Whats App, Facebook or FaceTime.

First session of the day is 6am GMT and last is 6pm GMT

Single session £30 / 3 Sessions £80 / 6 Sessions £150

Payment is in UK £. If you need to pay in another country, please use that day’s exchange rate plus any fee incurred.