As yoga teachers how do we improve if we are not coached past our teaching certification?



 Compassionate Awareness Course for Yoga Teachers

develop yourself, your responses and your understanding

A FREE online course for yoga teachers and therapists. Following a study, I carried out with psychotherapists at the Harborne "Renaissance Therapy Centre" regarding 'Self Supervision', together we devised this short and effective course.

Taking time out to reflect when being a teacher and how that can improve our development. We often times do this naturally but this course looks at ways that remove any negative self-talk or projections that can act as blocks to learning and incorporating new, beneficial habits." Suitable for all types of teachers and therapists in the well-being community and comes with videos and documents to download and use in your own time.

Want to learn more about the philosophy and practice of Vedanta & the wisdom of the Rishi’s?

See my advanced yoga training.