Yoga Love


I have been contemplating on love.

What happens to us that love must fall away? And be reformed in the realm of fantasy or non disclosure.

Later, we are told what love is and how to do it, indirectly.

Are you loveable?

Are they loveable?

If we are lucky when we are young, we love wholly; embracing all of life.

Then, we are told, by example that which cannot be loved and that which can.

Yet, we search for the thing that just loves.

First, for ourselves, selfishly.   Because we feel a deep loss having become separate by design. 

Then through the experience again and again of grief and loss. 

Those around us become the means by which to find this love and we try to retrieve what we lost.

But for some of us, we feel that they fall short - as do we. 

The process of the Bhakta through Bhakti is devotion as a way to unite with this love.

Firstly by the realisation through devotion, that we, ourselves are love.

Then by devotion to the supreme being or consciousness, that if we are love then so must be all others.

Finally through union we discover experientially and from experience that it is all one and therefore, all love; the good the bad and the ugly.

The experience of life.

The ultimate tantra.

The masculine and the feminine intertwined. 

But for some of us the intellect arises and says ‘therefore we must do something to alleviate the suffering of others’.

For the Bhakta, they will return to the path of demonstrating and experiencing divinity to open the door. “You are that which you seek.” Rumi

For the intellectual they may choose Jnana - knowledge

For the activist, they may choose karma - service

And for those adept at the ways of concentration and meditation - one pointed focus - Raja - self discipline and practice. 

All paths bear the fruit of the final goal of yoga.

I am reminded though, of the Monty Python sketch “For I am a Protestant.”

It’s so easy to slip into the ego rhetoric of therefore I am superior.

Just like Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’; “Who’s he?”  “Oh he’s the ‘Popular peoples front’ - no-one likes him.”

We are often time running around desperately seeking what we will not give to others.

Yoga Love becomes - Yoga Wars.  One cannot help but laugh.

Tat Tvam Asi - ‘That art thou’.

Is also - ‘Thou art That’. 

With love