Our beloved Paramahansa Manishanandaji.


When you have a Guruji they give you unequivocal evidence of that which is beyond your mind or capabilities.

Why Surrender?

We are surrendering or devoting ourselves to the Supreme, Consciousness, Oneness or God, (whatever it is for you).

But the Guru needs nothing from us.

They operate on the consciousness of love.

And theirs is unconditional.

Why I celebrate my Guruji?

If you see me acting like a 'cheer leader' for my Guruji, it is because of that love, because I know that if it is available for me it is available for you.

Sat gurus are guides who have achieved ‘yoga’ - union. Merged with the supreme they remain simultaneously in both states. In form and formlessness. A living embodiment of truth. Like swans, they are equally comfortable in water and on land. Half on the earthly plane and half in the divine. This is what the title ‘Paramahansa’ means - supreme swan.

Many people say many things these days about Gurus and I can totally understand why, especially with it being so confusing particularly in India where you have Swamis, Sadhus, Nagas and many many more Naths and Sects to navigate. It can be difficult for a Westerner to see the wood for the trees without understanding the culture of India, Hinduism, Sankhya, Vedanta and Yoga as well as how they all work together. Not only is it such a vast land of teachers but also some of which teachers, have maybe taken on titles themselves to mislead or maybe enjoy the naivety of those seeking truth.

It’s hard to believe that others have realisations that ourselves do not have.
— Paramahansa Yogananda

So maybe do not seek a Guru but seek first your connection, surrender, love to God or that which you see as greater than you. The creator.

I cannot un-see what I have been shown and he is there when I am ready from moment to moment.

Guruji was validated and renowned for having achieved all stages of yoga in life, a rare and most celebrated achievement.

I am a seeker, but I have found my Guru and I am joyful for this.

Yoga is the method for the attainment of Yogoda Satsanga. Sankhya and Hindusim expound the reason why and Vedanta describes the end to be attained.

The journey continues.

If you would like to find out more about our Guruji, he has a website which you can google, but he was humble and did nothing more than help as many of his fellow men as he could; he was not interested in fame or recognition, only to release peoples karma and act as a guide to truth.

Jai Guru Dev.

Be total and live in total.
— Paramahansa Manishanandaji

ziba bayley