Riding the Waves of Connection


A gazed

Such beauty arisen 

From kaleidoscope dreams

Hidden particles of time

in humanity
Oh blessed Serenity
Fired by Desire
From the Pulsating Om of Peace
This tapestry of completeness
Such Rich colours
Of universal love
I am within it

It is within me
I surrender

Pure Bliss

~ Ziba


There are often times within our yoga journey where we touch or bask in deep and rich connection. Maybe during an immersion or training, time spent away communing and reflecting, time spent studying with our Guru or teacher, or within our own practices.

In meditation also, we can be confronted by our own desires to be always connected and how this can almost be opposing the goal of union and the bliss of samadhi.

Needless to say, when the intimacy goes and frustrations creep in, no matter what the cause, we may again my find ourselves seeking the first throws of bliss and intimacy.

So, how do we prepare ourselves for these moments or inspire ourselves into remaining on the journey without the recognition or feelings that we are ‘there’ or ‘connected.

What do we do when the love or fervour has gone and we seem depleted?


When we surrender to what is we are accepting all of life’s ebbs and flows, we choose to go deeper. We choose not to subject ourselves to the complications and resolution seeking of the mind, we rather examine and look for the nub, root or lesson within the manifesting thoughts and feelings.

When we are happy and satisfied because life appears to be playing our in our favour and wonder, we can easily forget the complications brought about by doubts that may return to us again in the future.

Likewise when we are low and uninspired we can often pine with deep longing for what was.

When we Surrender and accept what is, we begin to see that maybe the practice or the approach to the practice should change according to where we are at.

Remembering this in our perceived detached times is useful and is most definitely part of the journey.

By surrendering we are acknowledging that it is all part of the course even if our feelings have not changed and when we accept that, shifts and possibilities will arise.


The practical relief that comes from of acceptance is that we can detach ourselves from the constructs of identity that tell us who we are: teacher, yogi, healer, meditator.

And that will allow us to consider that maybe we have changed, and maybe therefore, the practices and routes to connection have also changed.


We sometimes refer to the Yamas and Niyamas as philosophical codes of which to live by, contemplate and or reflect upon, but they are also there to demonstrate to us where light needs to be shined.

Prayer is as yogic as meditation. Bringing prayer into your practice is your opportunity to say, “I am struggling here - please guide me.”

And of course your prayer will be answered, I tell you this as fact, but yes, faith and logic go hand in hand in this world, so that is why you should know it for yourself and maybe try it.

This atonement and recognition of not knowing or requiring a greater wisdom is as equally part of meditation as the other practices such a breathing, pranayama, concentration etc.

So why would we not ask for help when it is needed?


Sometimes meditation can be over explained in yoga, and taken in isolation, yet when we have a regular practice and we sit, commune there, when we surrender there, we can come as we are.

Creating a Sacred space, an intimacy within our meditation either with our Guru or with the one consciousness or whatever name you wish to give that which is greater than yourself.

You are no longer alone.

Meditation is intimacy. Meditation is a softening, so whatever is a block to that softening, lay it there.

Many Paths One Goal

Yoga has many practices, seek them out and try as many as you feel you would like to, when one is no longer working, move to another. Seek out the Dvine in all practices.

You cannot stand? Lay down. You cannot lay down? Walk. You cannot be still? Study. You cannot be quiet, Listen to mantra, talk with peers.

Whatever you need, let if be nourishing.

And if all else fails,


ziba bayley