Meditation and Yoga are not Spiritual Bypassing and Metaphysics is not Pseudo Science


When we concentrate or focus on Prana - our subtle bodies, we are cultivating intimacy with ourselves, just as any bodily proprioception. Kriyas and other energetic practices bring the sensations to the forefront so they are heightened and we can recognise them with more frequency and more and more acutely. So that eventually it is as real and obious as touching our nose.

We then discover our energetic blocks. How? Well the emotions begin to show up during the practices. Feelings and sensations that have been caused by experiences that give rise to particular emotions and therefore trigger outward actions we have not yet awoken to, recognised, acknowledged or worked through.

When we sit regularly and practice, we begin to cultivate a safe space to acknowledge and learn. Tentatively going 'there' at a genuine pace.

The body can harbour unpleasant life experiences; the more you learn to actually feel the subtle energy, the deeper the work can go.

Bursts of joy (your true nature) arise along with discernment.

So that genuine exploration and acknowledgement takes place.

When in yoga we say that ‘you promote yourself under your own happiness’ we are acknowledging all of the world. 

So that we remain centred and aware of what we have learnt and what we are yet to learn, whilst recognising that we are all one. 

Aspirants can exhibit spiritual humour without being avoidant as they begin to recognise that emotions such as misery and happiness are waves subject to beginnings and ends and are therefore not permanent, yet they are equally guides and signposts to what is unresolved within ourselves.

By cultivating your knowledge of your own subtle body you become an pioneer and responsibility is part of that.

When we truly see it as all one this is called the spiritual delights.

When we truly see the supreme in all things and beings. Tat Tvam Asi.

Your subtle body is a very real space that you can feel as vividly as a hand on a table. Two forces.

I often times feel separate and yet that does not prevent me from desiring time alone remembering we are not. All be it momentarily for now.

The joy is revolutionary and truly blissful.

Just as you can go to thousands of hours of worship, prayer, study, workshops, healers and psychotherapy, you can also go through thousands of hours of yoga practices. Finding what makes true progress is down to one common denominator, you.

Agni - or Tapas is the fire that drives the yearning and that which creates the will to proceed. But which comes first the chicken or the egg? For this we have to stop thinking linearly and see that each affects the other. The practices increase tapas and tapas increases the length of time dedicated to practice.

Many paths - one goal.