Asana and the Menstrual Cycle.


There is absolutely no requirement to practice asana whilst on your menstrual cycle. 

There are no benefits that occur by practicing asana on your menstrual cycle that cannot be achieved by other yoga practices such as:

Yoga nidra
Sound yoga (Nada)
Sangha - community 
Kriyas and concentration practices
Hasta Mudras

I mention this because back in the day I used to practice asana every day. Sure I was super 'fit' but I was hard on myself and consequently that would ripple through to other areas of my life where compassion and stillness were required and I thought I just had to push through. 

When we accept life and where we are in it, we can flow, be still and remain centred. We learn to accept where we are when we listen to ourselves; our bodies, our hearts and energy levels. One of the reasons we get so worked up during our monthly flow is because everything around us is telling us to keep moving, keep working, keep providing. 

Yet, what if we just said 'thank but no' to that paradigm? 

What if we kept a diary for one month to see what was happening for us?

Observing our cycles, especially as a yoga teachers and yoga therapists, so that we could demonstrate compassion and permission to other women too.

Next time a student says, I'm on my cycle maybe say, "lie there and relax and just listen to the class."  :)

And even explore not teaching, working or 'exercising' on your days...