The Science of the Rishi’s

(Yoga Alliance accredited)

“A Teacher guides you towards seeing yourself, for yourself."  - Ziba

Online Course Date: 1st November 2019 - 30th November


To live in alignment, and to know the true nature of your purpose.

The Science of the Rishi’s gives reverence to individual spiritual experience over any formal doctrine.


Course Set-up

The course comprises of easy-going online group chats, video talks & practices for you to engage with offline.

The Course Work

The course work is based on review and feedback sessions as well as group and private presentations.



This course is based on the 3 pillars of learning from the Rishis (Great Sages of the Vedas - the original or first recorded teachers of yoga). 

It will remind us of the discipline required for the journey of teaching, and how to take real time away to experience that which we share or teach; learn discernment, critical thinking, contemplation, practice, experience, study, for authentic sharing.

As teachers, we should teach not only what we read from the original teaching, but also what is logical and finally what we have experienced whether esoterically, energetically, intellectually or physically as a practice. This discipline of logic, study, and experience.

The heart of the matter:

You will learn how to take time away before a class, presentation or connection to set an intention and to remain in our centre. 

You will learn how to reflect with compassion on your teaching so that you may learn and discern for the next encounter.

This course is fun, congenial and encouraging as we all learn to accept our true nature and our personalities whilst working to refine our learning and development. 

Points of Learning:


+ The Rishi's Three Pillars of Proclmation

Critical thinking / logical reasoning



+ Behaviours






+ Practical

How to prepare a lecture or talk people will trust

How to prepare for public speaking

How to prepare a class for inquiry


This course is open for enrollment

You will be sent a full course introduction and guide on enrollment.
The course videos and workbook will be sent to you a week prior to the course commencing.

Course Pricing

Early Bird £149 (before July 31st)
Regular £199 (August 1st - October 31st)