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Ziba Bayley

“For today is not like any other, it is a new day.”

Born in Birmingham to a family of musicians, I followed suit and became a professional singer after being encouraged greatly by my Grandfather and his nephew’s music ‘Steve Winwood - Traffic’. Following the birth of my first child, I swapped the more outlandish world of funk for jazz, blues and rock. My happiest memories singing at Ronnie Scott’s and the EMI Christmas gig in London.

But it was singing at the funeral of a dear friend, I became aware that my life was one of ‘shoulds’ and not a life that truly resonated with my heart. I was surrounded by wonderful, good people, yet I was suffocating. My self-loathing at that point forced my departure, which was not without emotional casualties.

I suffered anxiety and paranoia whilst holding down a corporate job; my escape meant nothing, until a good friend handed me the books (including Eckart Tolle, and Anthony de Mello) which were the turning point of my life. I learnt to look inwards and take responsibility, forgive and heal. I still hold great respect for the power of a good book and I am often found recommending many. These moments led me to the loves of my life: my Guruji, my husband Amir, my children and the journey of Yoga.



Firstly I completed my studies at KRI Level One Kundalini and Yoga Nidra, I then went on to train in Vinyasa Yoga 200hr with Claire Missingham in London and Sampoorna Yoga, India for my 500hr. I am so appreciative to all the teachers of yoga I have met along the way and the courses that have provided me with a broad view of yoga. The richness of the ancient lineages are vast and varied and I find it a fascinating world. I still remember acutely the time when I wasn’t aware of the mystics, seers and saints of the great Santana Dharma and I am so grateful for those who have walked before us and protected this ancient wisdom so that we too may experience truth.

It’s at this point that for me I would like to say, there is not a time, where you can go, yes I’ve arrived, I had achieved it. The perpetual cyclic nature of life and karma doesn’t really work like that. Life is happening all of the time and we refine, refine, refine. What we thought was a lesson learned returns with new insights.

We polish the mirror as the Sufi’s say.

Manishanandaji Paramahansa 1008

My Guruji. I was introduced to him through my husband Amir. I was given his powerful Darshan in meditations and although he is now passed he is still very much here. This I know to be true.

He is the Supreme influence in my life. Everything is offered to him, everything good flows from him. Through the smallest of actions with the tiniest amount of right intention, comes the lightening rod of purity.

Jai Guru Dev!

Yoga Life

I have managed my own studios and taught from the wilds of Wales to the urban high street. I have worked with teachers, practitioners and beginners, schools and in women’s refuges.

I am based between India and Europe.



Intention is everything and love is the divine romance.
When real love is ignited, it will make a wondrous use of the tiniest seed of intention, wondrous.

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