Ziba Bayley

“For today is not like any other, it is a new day.”

A little about me

+ Yoga study

I am so appreciative to all the teachers of yoga I have met along the way and the courses that have provided me with a broad view of yoga. The richness of the ancient lineages are vast and varied and I find it a fascinating world.

I still remember acutely the time when I wasn’t aware of the reality of existence as a concept, let alone the great mystics, seers and saints of India. I am so grateful for those who have walked before us, shared the practices and protected this ancient wisdom, so that we too may experience truth.

Life is happening all of the time and we refine, refine, refine.

+ Yoga experience

I have always believed in teaching yoga in a sacred environment, serving my local community and working with individuals. People fascinate me with their stories, knowledge and ability to care for one another.

I have taught in the most astounding places of natural beauty, in communities that reflect that beauty and have been opening yoga studios and our home with my husband for around 8 years now:

Wales, Shropshire, Goa, India and Worcester City Centre, UK and now Kerala, India.

I have taught in women’s refuge centres, schools and studios and, each time I witness the miraculous nature of yoga.

+ Why Yoga?

I know that yoga works, it is a doorway to the recognition of who you truly are. It is your access to inner freedom and it is there for your entire journey, should you so choose it, no matter what.

For many years I wondered why I was here and what it was all about, running into dead-ends and not really getting to the nub of how to integrate a regular connection with my true self. Outwardly you could say I was successful, but worldly successes seemed fleeting and always attached to a kind of happiness that wasn’t constant and in more stressful times, absent altogether.

I sometimes struggle to write ‘about me‘ for the one thing that is my life’s passion, but please let me tell you that above all else, the practices of yoga are not about skill or time served - they are about intention, devotion and persistance. Offer as much as you can give in literally every moment, don't try to change what is, see the divine there. Ask: Who am I? What is true happiness? How can I serve? All of these answers and more are waiting in the vastness of consciousness - intelligence, that which is your birth right and innate abiity to receive.

A holistic yoga practice can take some time yes but the benefits are almost instantaneous. Once you begin to understand how you work, trust becomes experience and experience becomes belief. Until then find a teacher that helps you, know yourself, for yourself. This way meditation won’t feel so unachievable. It’s very achievable and extremely accessible. As with any practice, just start.

Yoga heals and reveals. Things can happen that appear to be not of your doing even, because we have forgotten that true connection, that potential. Yoga redefines through actual experience - seeing IS believing.

No matter who you are and how you connect, to the oneness, the supreme, or God, there are practices for you. Because they considered all human attributes and characteristics when devising these various methods of yoga. No-one is left behind. Because no-one is separate.

+ Guruji

Paramahansa Manishanandji 1008. I was given his powerful Darshan in meditations and although he is now passed he is still very much here.

He was and is, a great Saint of India, a realised being. Total 1008.

Jai Guru Dev!

+ Yoga Life

I currently live between Kerala and the UK. Both my husband and I are seekers, yogis and travellers in this journey of life.

+ How we can work together

If you would like to realign or regain that intimacy, bravery, persistence and autonomy of practice that works with where you are at now - get in touch.

+ Where you will find me

Presently - Kerala, India. July - October 2019 - UK. October - March 2020 - Kerala, India. March 2020 - UK