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Tripti yoga - Synthesis

300 hour yoga teacher training


“An exposition into the synthesis of Sankhya, Hinduism, Vedanta and the how that is Yoga” - Ziba



Course dates

January 12th - February 9th 2020

A four week INTENSIVE Kovalam, Kerala, India.



The Course Will Cover

  • Philosophy - how Vedanta, Sankhya, Hinduism together with Yoga, synergise. 

  • Metaphysics 

  • Application based learning and teaching all 7 limbs of yoga

  • Prana and meditation practices

  • Advanced asana practice and teaching

  • Sadhana and journaling your progress

  • Temple visits

  • The relevance of ritual

  • Psychotherapeutic benefits of yoga

  • Class, 1:1 and workshop designs that challenge and meet the standards of contemporary yoga teaching

  • Coaching and teaching that invites connection

  • Reality of living a yoga journey

  • Group mentoring and kinship 

  • Presenting, designing and experiencing 

  • Your personal service (svadharma) aligned to your Sankalpa (deepest heart’s intention).

Ziba will lead the history, philosophy, culture, lifestyle and ethics alongside insights into the practices for pranayama, sense withdrawal, concentration and meditation.
Read about Ziba here


Evelyn will lead the contemporary living and teaching yoga including Yamas Niyamas and finding inspiration, alongside creative and exploratory advancement of teaching and practicing asana.
Read about Evelyn here


Our teaching ethos

We consider the four human classifications of yogi

It has long been known that there are four categories of ‘attribute’ or characteristics that aspirants fall into. These attributes allow anyone to follow the path of yoga.

Raja - Meditation

Karma - Service

Jnana - Mind

Bhakti - Devotion

Many paths - one goal.

We apply the logic of the rishis

We encourage our students to work within groups to apply critical thinking, to research the ancient teachings for validity and to teach and share from experience.


“Satyam eva jayati naanrutam.” Truth alone shall prevail. - Mundaka Upanishad 

The Rishis (Vedic Scientists) would apply these three tests before making a proclamation or sharing a method:

  • It should be enunciated in the ageless scriptures (shruti)

  • It must have the support of reason (yukti)

  • It should be experienced by oneself (anubhava)

In an age where yoga has often times fallen short of encouraging teachers to know things for themselves before teaching them, we hope to address the balance, first for ourselves and secondly for our students and communities.


Daily Timetable

Monday - Friday

  • 6:00am Meditation

  • 6:30am Pranayama

  • 7:00am Practice

  • 8:30am Break for Breakfast

  • 10:00am Study

  • 12:30pm Break for light lunch

  • 2:00pm Study / Practicum

  • 4:00 Break

  • 4:30pm Study / Practicum / Class

  • 6:45pm Sangha

  • 7:00pm Close


  • 6:00am Meditation

  • 6:30am Pranayama

  • 7:00am Practice

  • 8:30am Break for Breakfast

  • 10:00am Study

  • 1:00pm Close


  • Rest Day 


The Syllabus

Week one - Align and refine

  • Yoga’s synthesis with Santana Dharma (Hinduism), Sankhya philosophy and the goal of Vedanta.

  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • The lineage of Tripti Yoga

  • Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, Raja - the attributes of humans

  • Raja Yoga - teaching the 8 limbs

  • Yamas - ethical principles: ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigraha.

  • Niyamas - ethical actions: saucha, santosha, tapas, svadhyaya, ishvara pranidhana

  • The purpose of asana and its origins

  • The theory of sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation,

  • Samadhi

  • The culture of temple (mandir), puja and ritual

Week two - Discern to learn

  • Authentic Teacher

  • Compassionate awareness

  • Chakras as a tool for actualising prana

  • Pranayama and advancing the energetic body

  • Sense withdrawal

  • Concentration

  • Meditation

  • Kriya, Laya, Mantra & Japa

  • Svadharma - Sankalpa - Yoga Nidra - theory

Week three - Choice not chance

  • Creating and allowing - the art of self practice

  • The Art of Teaching - classical asana along side contemporary movement patterns

  • The Art of Teaching - intermediate to advanced Asana

  • The Art of Teaching - peak postures

  • The Art of Teaching - intentions / story telling / class arc

  • The Art of Teaching - the class dynamic

  • The Art of Teaching - creatively

  • Adjustments, guides, verbal cues and assists

  • Teaching for individual needs and 1:1 .

Week four - Cultivate and create

  • Svadharma - Sankalpa - Yoga Nidra

  • Sacred Space

  • Life Circles, Life Cycles

  • Brave Human

  • The Business of Yoga

  • How to work with people 1:1

  • Create 1 - Open class/all levels class

  • Create 1 - Workshop

  • Create 1 - 3 part course






Course Location

Tripti Yoga Shala

The training takes place at our beautiful rooftop shala set amongst the palms that frame the Arabian Sea view. The shala has a coconut in-laid floor which gives the concrete coating a natural spring, ideal for yoga practice.

Enjoy high speed wifi, complimentary filtered electrolyte water and as much herbal tea as you require. Our house is spacious and is designed in accordance with Vashtu principles (Vedic fengshui). Make use of our extensive yoga library, rest and relax between classes and soak up the atmosphere of laid-back, thriving jungle life. There are multiple floors for group work and practice. We will all eat breakfast together. 

Please see our immersions page for more information on the experience and see our Kovalam page for details about your stay.



Please contact us for a list of top recommendations in the local area.  Wherever you stay in Kovalam we will be a short walk or scooter ride away.

There are hotels and guest houses that suit all budgets. There is a myriad of Ayurvedic hospitals for treatments that we highly recommend you make use of. 

A map will be provided as part of your course pack. 



The 300 YTT course runs for an intensive 4 weeks at our roof-top Shala in beautiful, tropical Kovalam, Kerala.


Not included. Please contact us for a list of recommendations in the local area.

4 week intensive 300 YTT: £2,595

Kerala, January 12th to February 9th 2020 - cost covers training only.


Early Bird: £2,295 (if paid in full by July 30th 2019 - 25% Non Refundable)

Regular: £2,595 - 25% Non Refundable Deposit on application (£648.75)

Pay in 3 further instalments of £648.75 by December 15th 2019


Bursaries are available please contact us for more information.

Places are limited.


  Application Process


  1. Please complete our online application form

  2. Please send via email to zibabayley@gmail.com:

  • 200hr training details with certification

  • yoga cv including a photograph

On receipt of confirmation

Send via wetransfer.com to info@triptiyoga.com

  • a video of your yoga class or practice


  • 1 book review - Raja Yoga Vivekananda

  • 1 1000 word essay on your journey with yoga


 Join Ziba & Evelyn for an enriching and enlivening experience that both evolves your practice and your journey as a teacher.