Please tell us about yourself and your yoga experience to date, in order that we may discover how you are aligned with and prepared for the course training and content.   

Note to Applicant:

The following application form is not tenet-based or dogmatic but is formulated so that you the applicant, can get a sense of our expectations and understand what is required from you the trainee - in this instance.  

Please contact us directly if you have any questions 

Training Ethos

At Tripti Yoga and The Zen Shed we are committed to creating a training environment which promotes learning and development for all learning styles, with individual responsibility and equity.  

We promote group learning and application-based training from the start of the course; meaning the more engaged and present the group is, the more everyone benefits.  

We ask that you see who and where you are, and how this serves others and the course progression. We also ask that you take responsibility for your self-reflection, self study and emotions. That you seek guidance when needed at the appropriate time, that you take this opportunity to give and receive feedback affectively and neutrally.  That you recognise where your skills and life experience are worthwhile and where they can be integrated into your future teaching.  

There maybe occasions during this course where you may feel discomfort or that you are having to go through a steep learning curve; whist we will do everything in the allotted time to consider all learning styles, we do have a start and an end date and any course homework or book reviews should be handed in on time. 

We do not ask our students to change or have particular beliefs in order to participate and pass this course - yoga is an application and experiential-based science, for the individual to discover for themselves. We therefore ask that people feel free to debate and contemplate in a safe and exploratory environment. We also ask that students refrain from sharing other students views out of the learning arena or mention others who are not in attendance by name.


Cindy, Guy & Ziba.