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200Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Ziba Bayley & The Zen Shed

14th September - 1st March 2020


Expand your knowledge of yoga and discover your purpose within it.


The Tripti Yoga® 200 - Hour Teacher Training is a two week intensive, followed by 6 months of supported home practice with groups call and videos as well as two workshop weekends. 

You will learn a foundational, comprehensive study into the 8 limbs of yoga, including classical asana, anatomy and sanskrit. Alongside philosophy and history you will experience the wider practices of pranayama, sense-withdrawal and concentration techniques beginning each day with group meditation.

This training is for any practitioner of yoga as it holds meditation at the heart.

You will experience the friendship and kinship of training with others. In groups you learn and discover the wider practices of mantra, sound yoga, chanting, yoga nidra and group satsang with guest teachers sharing their practices and their individual yoga journeys. 

You will uncover your innate creativity and centredness through the resetting of daily habits to those aligned with yoga for a strong mind. You will understand the purpose of the yoga as “yoga, citta, vrtti nirodhah” - the cessation of the mind stuff, to achieve union through self enquiry, self study in the world and experience-based learning.  

We advocate the inclusion of all styles of learning and devotion to yoga, whether Karma, service, Bhakti, devotion,  Jnana, study or Raja, meditation.  We encourage your interest in teaching or studying yoga with your first step being to take this foundational course.

You will receive the key elements expounded in Patanjali’s yoga Sastras or Sutras and will feel confident as new teachers and life-long practitioners of yoga. 

As featured in Om Yoga teacher training suppliment



Course Timeline

14th SEPT 2019 - 1st Mar 2020

14/09/19 - 29/09/19

A Two Week Yoga training intensive at The Zen Shed

October / November

Monthly group calls, home study and videos.

08/12/19 - 09/12/19

Training weekend of Workshops at The Zen Shed

January / February 2020

Monthly group calls, home study and videos.

28/02/20 - 01/03/20

Final Weekend of Workshops at The Zen Shed


Examination and Ceremony



 “This 6 month part-intensive course is structured to develop you as a confident, authentic and autonomous teacher and practitioner of yoga” - Ziba



two week INTENSIVE Daily Timetable

  • 6:00am Meditation

  • 6:30am Pranayama

  • 7:00am Asana

  • 8:30am Break for Breakfast

  • 9:30am Study

  • 12:30pm Break for light lunch

  • 1:30pm Class / Practice

  • 4:00 Break

  • 4:30pm Study / Practicum / Sangha

  • 7:00pm Close


What you will learn

+ History - Philosophy - Sociological backdrop

● What is Yoga

● The Yugas

● The History of yoga

● Yoga - Samkhya - Vedanta

● The Rama Krishna Lineage

● The Krishnamacharya Lineage

● Raja Yoga - Hatha - Vinyasa

● Yamas and Niyamas

+ Applied Practices

● Classical Asana - physical postures

● Nada Yoga - sound yoga

● Mantra and japa - chanting and silence

● Mudras - physical energetic postures

● Bandhas - energetic locks of the anatomical and subtle body

● Pranayama and Kumbhaka - energy control and effectiveness

● Sense withdrawal

● Concentration

● Meditation

+ Applied Yoga Science - Metaphysics

● Kriyas

● Dharma and your Sankalpa

● Yoga Nidra

● The Chakras

● The Nadis

● Sushumna Nadi

● Prana

● 5 Koshas

+ Yoga Lifestyle

● Ayurveda - an introduction to

● Sacred space

● Life circles - life cycles

● Brave Human

● The Spiritual Delights

+ The Art of Teaching

● Foundational class model

● The structure of class

● The Class Arc - Kramas

● How to create affective sequences to required goals

● Sanskrit grammer and pronunciation

● Hands on assists and guidance

● Hands off guidance, language and awareness

● How to teach beginners

● Communication, presence and the energy of group dynamic

+ Asana (Bio-Mechanics) and Teaching

● Breath, awareness and movement

● Alignment and the mechanics of movement

● The foundational fundamentals of asana groups

● The nervous system

● Unique body - reading and interpreting

● Understanding the Fundamentals of the Human Body (Anatomy)

● Injuries and special needs

● Technical Language of Yoga Anatomy

+ Yoga world

● The Business of Yoga

● The Cost of Yoga

● Social Media

● Authentic Teacher

● Compassionate awareness (Self Supervision) for teaching advancement

+ Practicum

● Teaching in small groups

● Giving and receiving feedback

● Practice and play

● Discussion and contemplation

● Creation and planning

● Holistic class design for 1:1 teaching

● Tripti Yoga Foundation class






The course fee is £3,250 (including VAT).

A 25% non-refundable deposit of £812.50 is payable to secure your place, with the balance due by 15 August 2019.

An Early Bird discount is available if payment is made in full by 15 July, in which case the course fee is reduced to £2,995 (including VAT), and the non-refundable deposit to £748.75

*Payment plans are considered, please contact Guy at the Zenshed to discuss.



Course Pre-requisites

Application form - on receipt of your deposit

Anatomy course - access provided to the Paul Grilley online course on receipt of payment in full. 

Book reviews:

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Eknath Easwaran

Raja Yoga - Vivekananda

The Bhagavad Gita - Eknath Easwaran 

Required reading

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Radiance Sutras (Vijnana Bhairava Tantra) - Lorin Roche

The Wheels of Life - Anodea Judith



The Zen Shed | worcester

This programme is offered with The Zen Shed and it’s fab teaching team. Ziba will be leading the course, supported by selected teachers to give you a wider experience of yoga in action.

the space

Three state of the art studios with eco flooring, cafe and study space, changing rooms and showers.

The studio is laid out over 2 floors, it’s bright and airy throughout with a hot studio also available.

Between study relax in the cafe area with complimentary tea and filtered water, or pop out and wander the ancient cobbled streets of Worcester, UK for a myriad of places to eat and green spaces for relaxation.

There is ample parking just a five minute walk away and plenty of other car parks to choose from.

Places to stay

Pick any of the local Worcester city centre hotels and guests houses and you will easily be able to make your way by foot to the studio.



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