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Tripti Yoga 200hr Training

Confident, authentic and autonomous teachers and practitioners of yoga.

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 14th September 2019
to 01 March 2020

6 month part-intensive with the Zenshed, Worcester UK

Expand your knowledge as to the origins and practices of yoga and discover your purpose within it.
— Ziba Bayley

Ziba, Guy & Cindy welcome you to delve deep and be present in this part-intensive, comprehensive and application-based curriculum of the 8 limbs with The Zen Shed. 

What awaits you in this comprehensive and lineage-based programme.

This training will introduce you to the history, lineage, core concepts and practices of yoga based at their root in Raja yoga and Samkhya philosophy - Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs. And for the purposes of this training, Hatha Yoga for its balancing and Vinyasa for the design of asana practice and hands-on assists.

We will also cover Mantra and Sound (Nada) yoga, Sankalpa and Yoga Nidra as well as other key practices used to establish applied experience in pranayama, sense withdrawal, concentration and meditation. 

For further understanding of meditation and its practices we will draw on Vedanta and the Great Gurus. 

This journey consists of initial anatomy training, completed online at your own pace, a two-week intensive course hosted by Ziba, followed by a weekend in December with two guest teachers and the finals at the end of February/March.  Giving you the opportunity to experience the immersion of an intensive as well as the embodiment or routine of daily yoga practice (Sadhana). 

Each morning unfolds with a complete yoga class, including the asana practice leading to peak posture in traditional vinyasa form. After a nutrient-rich breakfast we focus on theory and practice application. A light, healthy lunch is followed by theory study, tests, practicum, feedback and fun quizzes to help set long-term memory. For the final class of the day, sangha (our yoga community) concentrates on teaching theory and practice. This includes anatomy, physiology, guidance, group work, complementary collections of asanas and understanding your unique body (which will contribute to your foundational knowledge of posture familiarity). See daily timetable.

With guest teachers visiting throughout the programme you will receive a broad view of contemporary yoga in our times as well as the essence of how other lineages and teachers interpret the wisdom of yoga, Laya, Samkhya and Vedanta alongside the intellect of movement and recognition of the subtle body.

Tripti, Santosha, Chidabhasa - Delight, Contentment, Truth

Essentially we are creating together a foundation for the journey. Firstly, as a student of yoga, second, as a teacher and thirdly, for that on which you can build; continue your experiential-based learning, philosophical understanding and overall awareness of this vast, mystical world of yoga. As above so below.

Tat Tvam Assi - It Art Thou.


What to expect from the training

Sarah talks about the training you will receive.

This is a holistic training so there was more than just asana, asana I think you learn anywhere, a lot of it I think you can just learn in a class.
— Sarah 200 YTT

Course Timeline

14/07/19 - 01/03/20

Intensive at the Zen Shed: 14/09 - 29/09

Continue your yoga journey and begin your training with an immersive habit building and aligning experience.

Sadhana: October / November

Monthly group calls and videos.

Group weekend at the Zen Shed: 08/12 - 09/12

Day 1: Hands on assist and guidance - Guest teachers.

Day 2: Props, blocks and supports - Guest teachers.

Sadhana: January / February

Monthly group calls and videos.

Final weekend at the Zen Shed: 28/02 - 01/03

Day 1: Compassionate Awareness, The Business of Yoga, Practicum.

Day 2: Authentic Teacher, Brave Human.

Final Day 01/03: Exams

Ceremony - Prashad - Sangha - Family welcome to the Ceremony.


See the Syllabus➝

About the Zen Shed➝

Course Pricing➝


Why choose a part-intensive training programme?

This course begins with a two week intensive followed by a weekend of workshops and a final weekend at the 6 month deadline.

We have applied this particular pedagogy design to give the opportunity for a deeper understanding and experiential application of the practices, alongside the inculcation of a home life with yoga.

The initial two-week intensive establishes the individual’s immersion or re-immersion into a daily yoga practice, along side group learning, sharing and development.

The Sadhana is taken in-between the intensive and the final weekend; with journaling, regular direction, peer support, feedback, calls, videos and a chance to reconnect with your yoga family in person at the workshop weekend.

Over the six month period students will have had the opportunity to imbed and absorb the programme’s contents to date and gather the experience of practical application before the final weekend of kinship, workshops, and exams.

Intensive Weeks Daily Timetable

  • 6:00am Meditation

  • 6:30am Pranayama

  • 7:00am Asana

  • 8:30am Break for Breakfast

  • 9:30am Study

  • 12:30pm Break for light lunch

  • 1:30pm Class / Practice

  • 4:00 Break

  • 4:30pm Study / Practicum / Sangha

  • 7:00pm Close


Ziba’s teaching style

Sarah talks about Ziba’s approach to teaching


The Syllabus - What you will learn

History - Philosophy - Mysticism 

  • What is Yoga

  • The Yugas

  • The History of yoga

  • Yoga Philosophy - Samkhya and Vedanta 

  • The Rama Krishna Lineage 

  • The Krishnamacharya Lineage

  • Raja Yoga - Hatha - Vinyasa

  • Yamas and Niyamas 

Applied Practices 

  • Classical Asana - physical postures

  • Nada Yoga - sound yoga

  • Mantra and japa - chanting and silence

  • Mudras - physical energetic postures

  • Bandhas - energetic locks of the anatomical and subtle body

  • Pranayama and Kumbhaka - energy control and effectiveness

  • Sense withdrawal

  • Concentration

  • Meditation

Applied Yoga Science - Metaphysics

  • Kriyas

  • Dharma and your Sankalpa

  • Yoga Nidra

  • The Chakras

  • The Nadis 

  • Sushumna Nadi

  • Prana

  • 5 Koshas

Yoga Lifestyle

  • Ayurveda - an introduction to

  • Sacred space

  • Life circles - life cycles

  • Brave Human

  • The Spiritual Delights

The Art of Teaching

  • Foundational class model

  • The structure of class

  • The Class Arc - Kramas

  • How to create affective sequences to required goals

  • Sanskrit grammer and pronunciation

  • Hands on assists and guidance

  • Hands off guidance, language and awareness

  • How to teach beginners 

  • Communication, presence and the energy of group dynamic

Asana (Bio-Mechanics) and Teaching

  • Breath, awareness and movement

  • Alignment and the mechanics of movement

  • The foundational fundamentals of asana groups

  • The nervous system 

  • Unique body - reading and interpreting

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of the Human Body (Anatomy)

  • Injuries and special needs 

  • Technical Language of Yoga Anatomy

Yoga World

  • The Business of Yoga

  • The cost of yoga

  • Social Media

  • Authentic teacher - critical thinking and logical reasoning

  • Authentic teacher - experiencing is proclaiming and accountability is autonomy

  • Authentic teacher - researching and presenting 

  • Compassionate awareness (Self Supervision) for teaching advancement

  • Sadhana


  • Teaching in small groups

  • Giving and receiving Feedback

  • Practice and play

  • Discussion and contemplation

  • Creation and planning

  • Holistic class design for 1:1 teaching

  • Tripti Yoga Foundation class

Our Co-hosts : The Zen Shed

Address: 54 New Street, Worcester WR1 2DL. UK.

A beautiful space located in the heart of Worcester’s history chiselled lanes. With 3 studios, state of the art eco flooring, a cafe reception area, changing rooms and showers, the Zenshed makes a perfect location for your YTT. Guy & Cindy, our co-hosts, are welcoming and friendly. The space is laid out over 2 floors, it’s bright and airy throughout. Between study relax in the cafe area with complimentary tea and filtered water, or pop out and wander the ancient cobbles. There is ample parking and given the central location in Worcester’s city centre, there are many options if you require a place to stay.

The Zen Shed  

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Is The Training For You?

Sarah talks about who will enjoy this training.


Our training delivers confident teachers or practitioners of all 8 limbs of yoga


Application form - on receipt of your deposit

Anatomy course - access provided to the Paul Grilley online course on receipt of payment in full. 

Book reviews:

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Eknath Easwaran

Raja Yoga - Vivekananda

The Bhagavad Gita - Eknath Easwaran 

Required reading:

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Radiance Sutras (Vijnana Bhairava Tantra) - Lorin Roche

The Wheels of Life - Anodea Judith

Recommended for future reading 

Light of Life - Iyengar 

Light on Yoga - Iyengar 

Heart of  Yoga - Desikachar

Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda 

Lineage-based works

The Gospel of Ramakrishna 

Karma Yoga - Vivekananda

Jnana Yoga - Vivekananda

Bhakti Yoga - Vivekananda 


Swami Manishanandaji Paramhansa 1008


What this course gives you

Sarah’s view on the take home from the training



14th Sept 2019 - 1st March 2020

Part-Intensive 200 Hour Training:

16 day intensive led by Ziba, home Sadhana programme with monthly group calls and videos. Followed by a further 2 intensive weekends.

@The ZenShed, Priory Street, Worcester, UK

£2950 Early Bird* / £3200 Regular**

*Early Bird offer requires payment in full by May 31st 2019 (25% non refundable).

**Regular price requires full payment by August 15th; 25% deposit secures a place (non-refundable).

Payment plans considered. Please click book for more information.