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Tripti, Santosha, Chidabhasa.

Delight, Contentment, Truth.

Namaste. Welcome to Triptiyoga.com, home of yogin Ziba Bayley. Tripti Yoga is based in Kerala, India with several courses available in the UK across the year. Tripti Yoga specialises in the physical and metaphysical aspects of yoga practice for a holistic approach which can bring profound and positive change to health and well-being. Please explore the site further and contact Ziba if you have questions.


Om Namah Shivaya

Jai Guru Dev

Whatever you do, do it with pleasure.
— Guruji Manishananda 1008

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself.” Rumi

The metaphysical side was really important to me, that was information I am taking away, that I did not know before.
— Sarah 200 YTT

200 YTT

Excited to announce our next 200 YTT in Worcester, UK with the Zenshed. This course is part-intensive over 6 months, starting September 14th and running through to March 1st.